Monday, July 2, 2012

Exotic Designing Tips For Your Cottage Bathroom At The Beach

The cottage by the beach is one of the most relaxing and serene areas you can get. The bathroom in the cottage beach house should remind you of the beach you are in and a shower should feel exotic and look like a designer bathroom. Many designs make your shower area feel like an extension of the beach. Here are a few that you can easily do on your own.

The floor is the first place you should consider. As much as you want to place your entire decorating skills into action, remember to stay functional as well. The beach is filled with sand, so your floor should be sand compatible. The best designs for this are using wood panelling or tiles. The wood makes the area have that exotic rustic look. Choose a light colour for the wood and ensure the planks are fitted well with minimal space to avoid sand getting stuck.

If you opt for tiles, choose bathroom designs that match the stone in the surrounding area. You can take a nice walk by the beach to draw your inspiration. Notice the rugged look of most stones and the lightness in colour. Keep the grout colour light as well. Light colours make a room look bigger and the cottage bath is not as spacious as one back at home.

Next in line are the walls and similar to the flooring, choose light colours for the wall. Since the floor has the feel of beach stones, you can opt to give the walls the look of the ocean. Light oceanic or sunset colours will work well. If you are willing to invest more in the walls, you can have them fitted with bead board panels or even a mosaic of small stones and river glass set in cement.

After the walls, focus on the counter tops that should have simple designs as well. Instead of the ornate, choose soapstone or a simple tile design for them. You want the room to be bright, so white sinks will work perfectly.

Finally, accessorize the room with items that remind one of the beaches. You can select designs of lighthouses, different kinds of fish, boats and other beach elements. Infuse the accessories into the design by having for instance, one wall designed to mirror a favourite fish or boat design. For those on a less budget, have miniature pieces placed on the tops or mounted on the walls.

You can decide to go collecting shells, glass, and stone each time you go out to the beach, fill them in a glass vase, and add coloured water. Making your own accessories tie each collection to a memory.